Our Mission

Our mission is to bring masters of international cuisine and traditions to Sonoma to raise appreciation and awareness in an exchange that broadens the cultural horizons of all parties involved.


Maki Aizawa and Mitsuyo McDermott share a deep love of Japanese culture and art forms from all over the world. They founded Sonoma Cultural Exchange to bring both Japanese and other international cultural experiences to a wider audience in Sonoma county and the greater Bay Area. Maki grew up in Sendai, Japan, and is the daughter of a master kimono maker and is an Ikebana master herself. Mitsuyo grew up in Shizuoka, Japan, and has a passion for exposing her family, friends and the greater community to the richness of Japanese tradition. Both women travel several times a year to Japan, where they are connected to a growing network of artists, performers and chefs. Maki and Mitsuyo are both excited to share these riches with people in Sonoma and the greater Bay Area.